Reviews of 'Children of the Anunnaki'

Mysteries Magazine

"This is a thought-provoking and well-researched story, one well worth reading."

Apex Reviews

"From beginning to end, Children Of The Anunnaki is a gripping, action-packed read guaranteed to thrill readers of all ages.....Kudos to Barnette for crafting such a classic tale of mystery, suspense, intrigue, and action all woven into one dynamite, can't-miss story. Filled with accurate, insightful historical references, as well as fresh takes on biblical lore and Sunday School lessons of old, Children Of The Anunnaki is a well-researched, expertly crafted work sure to enlighten and entertain. A welcome first installment in what promises to be a genre-bending series. Highly recommended.

Miami Books

"Once you get past the initial suspension of disbelief, this novel becomes a most satisfying and engaging read. The characters, plot and dialog are well constructed and the author has done a great job bringing together ideas from a variety of scientific, fringe science, and science fiction thinkers. I was pleasantly able to smile and enjoy until the very last pages, when the story came to a very sharp, abrupt end -- leaving me wanting more. Perhaps a continuation? I look forward to more works from this author.”